I Dreamt I Walked As Men

I dreamt I walked as men. With two arms, and two legs. No waddle, no dip-dip of the head – just upright and strong. I dreamt I walked as men.

There were no wings either. Arms I said, and arms I meant. No wings and no feathers, just skin. Naked or clothed as they are want to do, I cannot remember which – but it matters not to me, for the important thing, the critical thing, the thing that I remember most, the thing that I yearn for most, is that I walked. As men.

They dream of flying – of riding the wind; of soaring above the coast; of diving, of climbing, of flying. They dream. But I would trade this – every time – just to walk upon two legs, upright upon two legs, as man.

I dreamt I walked as men.

And then, I awoke.

And the doctors asked me yet again – “Are you still a bird today Mr. Peterson?”

And I sigh and tell them I am. But I dreamt I walked as men.

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