I Dreamt I Walked as Men

I dreamt I walked as men.  With two arms, and two legs.  No waddle, no dip-dip of the head just upright and strong.  I dreamt I walked as men...

No Nose Knows like a Dog's Nose Knows 

No nose knows like a dog's nose knows!  Well that's what they say.  And it's true - I guess.  At least, most of the time it's true.  It certainly is for me...

Night Games

The child sat propped up on his bed, illuminated only by the weak green of the nightlight plugged into the floor socket.  It was too weak to cast strong shadows but those it did seemed all the more menacing for that.  And there was menace.

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Jaja Toff

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Of Quickety Snippets

"I was totally gripped from word one and the ending is SO POWERFUL"

"Your stories always compel me to read them at least twice... the first time impatient for the twist, the next times slowly, luxuriating in the cleverness and the heart"

"Every time i wait for it and every time it's a surprize" 

"You are a master of your craft!"

"Keeps readers on their toes, and a small lesson in not becoming too quick to jump to conclusions"


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