No Nose Knows Like a Dog's Nose Knows

No nose knows like a dog's nose knows! Well that's what they say. And it's true - I guess. At least, most of the time it's true. It certainly is for me.

Oh, I'm a dog - did I mention that? Probably not. Yep. Dog : three legs, tail, big teeth and a woofer. Yes, three legs - one got cut off by an over zealous biology student, but hey don't stress out about it, being a dog is my thing and I'm good at it, three legs or not. Oh And I hate cats. But I digress.....

No nose knows.... as I said. And my nose is no exception. I have a very finely tuned sniffer - and it’s tuned to the Food channel.

Anyway, I was wandering about the college - checking out the aromas. Pretty good stuff in the biology section generally. Got a rat once! Someone left it on a table - for dissection probably, but they didn’t get a chance. Up I went and whoosh. Three legs or not, they couldn’t catch me - not before I’d scoffed the lot. Another time I got a kidney - I think that was what it was. Chucked most of it up afterwards, but hey, I’m a dog. We do that sort of thing.

But today I found a bone. A bone! The Dog’s Holy Grail. It was on top of a freezer, still frozen, but I could smell it right down the hallway. I was in and out before they could even yell “Stop thief.” (That’s my name by the way - at least that’s what they call me).

Oh, they chased me - in fact pretty soon I was running with half the damn college on my tail. But three legs is better than two I always say and I left ‘em for dead.

And this bone has gotta be the best thing I ever snatched. It’s like it was meant to be. It even smells familiar, like from a dream.

Most dogs would give their right front leg for a bone like this.

Free Snippet!